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a satellite floating in space high above earth with a green frame around it from the avnet visual identity
avnet logo on a white background
avnet a frame symbol on a vibrant green background

Avnet is a guide for their customers - helping navigate elaborate supply-chains and global vendors. The “A” was designed to show focus and direction – a path forward. We also changed from a red to green color palette to convey optimism and growth. The horizontal green bar at the bottom of the mark was inspired by the cursor from early computer screens, and our font Aperçu Mono was also picked for it’s resemblance to programming code.

a man in blue jeans and blue shirt sitting on a stool in an open concept office surrounded by the aframe from avnet visual identity

The “A” has a large role in the visual system. It’s used to draw attention to the most important person, place, thing or thought within the frame. It shows the brand continually focused on the moments of critical value for their customers.

series of words including build, connect, and solve on different colored background showing the aframe from the avent visual identity
a set of green and white business cards designed for avnet as part of their visual identity
an open spread of a brochure on a grey background designed for avnet
3 pages from a brochure designed as part of the avnet visual identity system
several devices including an ipad and iphone showing digital design explorations as part of the avnet visual identity system
iphone on a green background showing digital design elements created for the avnet visual identity system
a sample avnet web page design on a light blue background
three iphones on a vibrant green background showing sample mobile web page designs for avnet
a large glass wall inside an office featuring graphic elements from the avnet visual identity system
a grey office hallway and glass-walled boardroom with diagonal stripes designed as part of the avnet visual identity system
posters hanging on a wall for internal communications designed for avnet
two avnet product boxes on a green background, one with an open lid
brand architecture developed for avnet products and business units

Avnet came to us as “the biggest b2b company that nobody knows about.” A global tech supplier, Avnet is made up of countless sub-brands, products, services, and acquisitions—all contributing to a muddled brand identity and distracting from Masterbrand recognition. Avnet needed a way to consolidate and organize its portfolio, as well as a unified way to show the world what they do. RedPeak developed a brand architecture to strengthen Avnet’s visibility while intuitively showcasing each of its properties and offerings.

three avnet product boxes on a blue background designed as part of the visual identity system