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the Intel 360 Replay technology logo in a shimmering blue fog
The Technology Story

Intel® 360 Replay Technology combines dozens of cameras and incredible software to give the audience a player’s eye view of the field — seeing everything from every angle. We use a bullet-time rig to try and convey this incredible motion in a single moment.

a San Francisco 49es football player in action seen from all angles using Intel 360 replay technology
san francisco 49ers player in front of a full stands in Levis stadium running and holding a football in his hand
Levi’s Stadium

Intel is a huge sponsor for their home town 49ers in Santa Clara. We produced video and signage for every major screen and surface in the stadium. On their way to, and during every game, fans were literally surrounded by our work for 360 Replay.

jumbotron at Levi's stadium showing Intel 360 Replay Technology and the experience Intel logo
a set of different digital screens including imac, ipad, and mobile phone showing imagery for Intel 360 replay
a san franscisco 49ers player frozen in mid stride and mid jump with the Intel 360 replay technology system
a behind the scenes set of images of a san francisco 49ers player frozen in time by the Intel 360 Replay technology